Streamline your lesson prep with the power of AI.

Ask Boomer is the only comprehensive lesson prep tool that uses AI technology to help teachers quickly and easily create differentiated lesson plans, worksheets, project-based learning activities, and assessments for grades K-12.

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Create Materials

Easily Create Differentiated Lesson Materials

Generate customized student materials, including worksheets, study guides, project- based learning activities, and assessments.

Align to State Standards

Automatically Align To State Standards

Align materials and assessments with state standards and track past standards usage.

Share and Publish

Quickly Collaborate, Share, and Publish

Create materials in Google Docs for easy integration with Google Classroom and collaboration with colleagues.


We've raised the bar by harnessing the power of AI.

With Ask Boomer, teachers get all the basic features of other lesson planning tools PLUS exclusive AI-powered capabilities that produce classroom materials in a fraction of the time.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all and hello to efficient, effective differentiated lesson planning.

Provide the topic or standard and Ask Boomer uses AI to:

  • Build new lesson plans and enhance existing ones.

  • Create handouts, worksheets, and assessments.

  • Design differentiated versions of all lessons, materials, and assessments for both advanced and remedial learners.

  • Create project-based learning activities.

  • Automatically align to state standards or custom standards and curriculum.

  • Publish materials to Google Docs and post to Google Classroom.

  • Easily find additional resources on the web.

Ask Boomer also has all the features you expect from lesson planning software including:

  • Customized templates.
  • Standards based assessments.
  • Links to materials.
  • Schedule using daily, weekly, A/B, or custom cycle.
  • Modify schedules as needed.
  • Create planning periods or other events.
  • Day/Week/Month view.
  • Link to state standards.
  • Custom curriculum with learning plans, linked standards, assessments materials, and content.
  • Reports on standards taught/assessed.
  • Easily bump, move, or extend by one or more days.
  • Copy from previous years or from shared plans.
  • Move lessons to a parking lot for long term storage.
  • Search lesson plans and standards using keywords.
  • Share with other teachers.
  • Collaborate with other teachers.
  • Comment on lesson plans.
  • Publish to Google Classroom and Google Docs.
  • Import from or any Excel / CSV File.
  • Export to Excel.
  • Print to Word, Google Docs, or PDF.
  • Easily review and comment on teacher lesson plans.
  • Load District curriculum with learning plans, linked standards, assessments materials, and content.
  • Set a school-wide layout and template.
  • Fully integrates with Digital Academy learning management system.
  • Over 1 million color options.

How Ask Boomer Works

Creating classroom materials using AI is easy!

You don't have to be a tech expert to use Ask Boomer! With our user-friendly interface, educators can create differentiated materials in just a few clicks.


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